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November 27 2014


October 13 2014

Motion Sensor Nanny Camera
The covert DVR motion detector camera is a surveillance system that is discreet and easy to use. It is a do-it-yourself, wire free, covert DVR system with a built-in color camera for use in your home or business.
  • All-in-one security recording system is portable enough for virtually any application.
  • Set to record only when movement is detected and customize the motion detect sensitivity.
  • MPEG-4 Compression allows for hours of recording without sacrificing quality.
  • All footage is recorded on to the included 2GB SD card.
  • Instantly watch what you’ve recorded by hooking up a TV, or take the SD card with you and watch it on any computer.
  • Runs up to 17hrs on Lithium Batteries or use the included AC adapter.
  • Quickly find your recorded footage by searching for the date and time it was recorded.
  • Set the times of the day that you want to record.
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October 07 2014


GeoVision PC Based DVR Recorder

PC based DVR systems have more processing power for large camera systems or when IP cameras are needed. Read more...

October 04 2014


October 03 2014

Now coming with both clear glass for inside surveillance and dark lenses for outside observation. Each lens snaps conveniently in and out of the glasses frame. No need to own two different covert Glasses Cameras. Designed for body-worn surveillance with our PV-Series DVRs, this camera operates in low-power-consumption mode and won’t drain your DVR battery. Pair the hidden Glasses Camera with our PV-500 or PV-1000 DVRs, for a complete body-worn surveillance system.
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October 01 2014


Alarm Clock Nanny Camera

This covert security system from Spy Centre Security lets you monitor what is important to you while remaining discreet. Disguised as a Magnasonic alarm clock, the unit can capture over 40 days of high quality video without anyone knowing.
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September 29 2014


GeoVision PC Based DVR Recorder

GV PC based NVR System

Geovision is a brand that has been on the CCTV market for years.  They produce a hard ware video recording card and video recording software for CCTV surveillance.  Geovision, often times seen as GV, also has a vast selection of IP/Megapixel cameras that work wonderfully with their systems and are Onvif compliant.  By being Onvif compliant you would be able to take other Onvif compliant cameras and DVR and use them interchangeably with each other’s systems and cameras. Read More...
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September 26 2014


How to Choose a CCTV Systems?

Basics: What is CCTV?
  • In Depth Look: Resolutions
  • Analog Resolutions
  • Megapixel resolutions
  • High-definition television (HDTV) resolutions
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