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November 13 2014


Will a PTZ Security Camera be Suitable for Your Business?

PTZ cameras aren't a new invention. They have been in use and have in fact been the mainstay of security camera systems used by businesses since the time of analog systems based on VCR’s. They continue to remain popular even today in what's now called the Digital Age.

November 11 2014


RF Detectors (Bug Detector)

Bug detectors are used to detect surveillance equipment. Types of surveillance equipment includes: GPS trackers , hidden cameras, hidden audio transmitters, audio recorders, and phone tapping devices.

November 06 2014

Mini Camera Body Worn

The Mini Cam is really an all purpose micro camcorder. It can go almost anywhere, and record anything – it has stunning HD recording ability as well as a space saving VGA mode. The audio quality is good enough to capture interviews, voice/video memos and critical conversations. Read more....

October 07 2014


GeoVision PC Based DVR Recorder

PC based DVR systems have more processing power for large camera systems or when IP cameras are needed. Read more...

October 04 2014


October 03 2014

Now coming with both clear glass for inside surveillance and dark lenses for outside observation. Each lens snaps conveniently in and out of the glasses frame. No need to own two different covert Glasses Cameras. Designed for body-worn surveillance with our PV-Series DVRs, this camera operates in low-power-consumption mode and won’t drain your DVR battery. Pair the hidden Glasses Camera with our PV-500 or PV-1000 DVRs, for a complete body-worn surveillance system.
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